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        City Council Study Session on Parking, Mon. Jun. 24 at 5:30pm

        The City is kicking off an effort to find solutions to parking challenges in Daly City with a City Council Study Session. Join us as we review the history of parking efforts in the city and discuss options for public involvement.

        Share Your Opinion on Transportation Needs by June 30

        In 2018 the voters approved Measure W, a half-cent sales tax for transportation in San Mateo County. The San Mateo County Transportation Authority will manage fifty percent of the measure. Currently, the agency is determining how to best evaluate projects so that those of greatest merit are priorities for future funding. Take the short survey and say what matters to you by June 30!

        Free, First-Time Homebuyer Workshop, Thurs. June 6 in Daly City

        Find out how you can qualify to buy a home in San Mateo County with only 5% down and no PMI, through HEART of San Mateo County.

        Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event, Sat. June 8th

        Have garden chemicals, leftover paint, propane tanks, cleaning products or other hazardous waste? Make an appointment at our FREE event!

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